Secrets About How Women Communicate Secrets About How Women Communicate Secrets About How Women Communicate

How women communicate
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This is the follow up post from "The First Of Five secrets about how women communicate" at Women explain there thinking and feeling processes out loud with DETAIL

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 The goal of the conversation
The problem most couples have is that men usually cut to the chase and give an overview of the current situation. Glossing over or completely leaving out ANY emotional feeling or detail involving what’s going on inside their head.

This leaves women at somewhat of a loss because the main way women connect IS through talking about how they are feeling.

For men the goal of the conversation is to pass on the important information but women want more detail. The problem is, women think men are talking too little while men think women talk TOO MUCH…

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 To relieve stress

But most men don’t understand the secret of why all this talking is necessary, being that women want to talk to express love through conversing in detail.

Because men require some tangible reason for putting effort into talking this much perhaps a focus on the benefits of talking about your day and feelings are worthwhile.

You can use talking to relieve stress
– females use talking to externalise worries

However men tend to internalise these worries and resolve them by using powerful problem solving skills. Women tend to talk to friends about worries not to solve them but to dissipate the negative energy.

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 What’s going on inside your head
By listening and talking in detail to your wife or partner about what’s going on inside your head, when it comes to the bedroom she will be much more open to continued lovemaking since (to her) you have been doing it all day by talking.

I know this sounds weird but us guys tend to switch in and OUT of different love feelings tending to be more strongly aroused at some stages and completely focused on work at others.

A Women’s communication and connection with love is much different. Rather than moving in and out of love for you they are their all the time. As a result when you say you don’t want to talk about it she interprets that as you don’t love her (on a subconscious level).

Women Crave Deep Communication From You

What seems like to you mindless chatter to men… is very important to women.

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So when you are connecting with your girlfriend or women in your life ensure you give her what she needs.

You don’t need to tell her about this just be aware what she is doing when she is talking out loud and talking to you. She is attempting to connect and love you through words.

If she doesn’t get it from you she will get it from someone else. Most women who leave relationships leave due to a lack of love, (love starved) often due to communication issues.

Tune in to the reasons why women talk, it may not all be mindless chatter in the future if you

If you are not interested into going into detail in conversation at least by listening contently you will show your interest and love back.

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